What is RISE?

RISE is a sustainable, innovative, customized capacity building mechanism that is complementing the standard classroom training on routine immunization. As the technology has reached to large size of the health workers expanding geographically and vertically across the country, it demonstrates:

  • Leveraging smooth technology dissemination amongst the healthcare workers
  • Updated curriculum, addressing the rapidly changing UIP guidelines
  • Supportive supervision through real time monitoring
  • Flexible to the needs of learners
  • Interactive digital self-learning
  • Sustainable program to cater varied cadres
What are the objectives of the RISE App?

The objectives of the RISE App are:

  • Relevant, to the job responsibilities and work environment of the target audience.
  • Robust, to incorporate and update according to the need of the program and thus allow effective knowledge dissemination.
  • Reliable, in terms of improving skills and job performance.
  • Sustainable, by not replacing the existing training mechanisms but will complement to increase their efficiency, reach and effectiveness.
How RISE serves the purpose of capacity building under UIP?

The Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) implemented by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; Government of India is one of the largest public health programmes globally. The changing guidelines to the UIP, such as the addition of new vaccines, doses, new technologies necessitate the knowledge transfer of such rapid changes to the health workforce delivering immunization services to ensure the success of the program timely and efficiently. Since the existing traditional cascade-based training takes more time to reach the health workers, complementary training methods such as RISE bridges the gap and ensure the capacity building in a faster mode ensuring faster knowledge dissemination.

What courses are included in the RISE App?

There are five modules in the RISE App:

  • 1. Immunization schedule and session management
  • 2. Injection safety and vaccine administration
  • 3. Principles of cold chain management
  • 4. Adverse events following immunization
  • 5. Communication to tackle vaccine hesitancy
How to download the RISE App?

RISE app is available on the play/app store application in Android as well on iPhone. To install RISE App you need to search for "RISE Immunization Training App" in the Play store/ App store, And then click on "Install icon" to install it into your phone.