Rapid Immunization Skill Enhancement (RISE)

“A blended-learning knowledge and skills building package for India’s Universal Immunization Program”

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  • Immunize

Immunization is a critical component of the Government of India's Child Survival Strategy, and accordingly the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) in the country has undergone tremendous reforms in the past few years to address coverage, equity and quality. However, the pace with which the immunization portfolio is expanding, it is recognized that upgrading the knowledge and skills of health workforce must keep pace with new developments.

There is evidence that classroom-based training is not an effective method for dissemination of knowledge and upgradation of skills. It is imperative that innovative mechanisms to improve information transfer are developed. Rapid Immunization Skill Enhancement (RISE), a blended-learning approach is identified to be implemented as an effective alternative.

CBNA Document can be viewed HERE

This capacity building package will be equipped with latest developments in UIP and help in continuously upgrading knowledge and skills through digital platform.

The objective in developing RISE package for health workers is to ensure it is:
  • Relevant, to the job responsibilities and work environment of the target audience

  • Robust, to incorporate and update according to the need of the program and thus allow effective knowledge dissemination.

  • Reliable, in terms of improving skills and job performance.

  • Sustainable, by not replacing the existing training mechanisms but will complement to increase their efficiency, reach and effectiveness.

RISE Package – Unique Features