What is RISE?

JSI has been awarded a project called Rapid Immunization Skill Enhancement (RISE) under the GAVI Health System Strengthening Phase 2 Grant for India. The objective of RISE is to develop a constructive, interactive, continuous and an adaptable knowledge building system for different levels of health personnel regarding the recent guidelines and updates in the Universal Immunization Program. The RISE package will be developed with JSI's BRICKS capacity-building framework in mind to cater to program managers, medical officers, health workers and mobilisers. The key feature of this framework is an integrated/ blended-learning approach in which skills or learnings at each stage of training build off each other.

What does RISE package will be?

  • a) Relevant, to the job responsibilities and work environment of the target audience.
  • b) Robust, to incorporate and update according to the need of the program and thus allow effective knowledge dissemination.
  • c) Reliable, in terms of improving skills and job performance.
  • d) Sustainable, by not replacing the existing training mechanisms but will complement to increase their efficiency, reach and effectiveness.

What is RISE E-Learning Platform?

RISE E-learning platform comprise of e-learning website and mobile applications which will be used by immunisation staff for enhancing their skills. Platform has e-learning courses which includes interactive media like Video, Audio, SCORM, assessment etc which will help staff to learn procedure and enhance their skills.

E-learning platform will be used by below users,

  • 1) Learners:
    Each learner will download the application on their device or login to web portal where they can access the course which are assigned to them.

  • 2) Supervisors:
    LMS has supervisor features which will be unlocked based on the permission. Supervisor will monitor the progress and will give the feedback on learner’s course progress and application of new skills during the session. The supervisors can have a training follow-up and observation surveys.


How can I get mobile application on my device?

You can go to Applestore or Google playstore to download apps and start using it.

How can I get certificate?

Once you will complete the assessment which will be at the end of course, based on the grades certificates will be generated.